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Ground Work and Substructures
Groundwork and Substructure

Drainage Works

Installation of all type of underground drainage system. All drainage works are tested and surveyed on completion. NSK Construction LTD is a specialist drainage company. All of our drainage services are carried out to an exceptionally high standard & undertaken in a professional manner. All our drainage contract works are overseen daily by the company director. We have been established for many years and have vast experience within the drainage industry. Collapsed drains are often the result of old or worn drainage systems. We can provide free Estimates for any drainage replacement service, no matter how large or small.

Our drainage services Include:

• Drainage Reconstruction
• Installation of shallow drainage system
• Installation of deep drainage system
• Drain repair
• Installation of road gullies
• Installation of attenuation tank
• Installation of soak away

Enabling Works

In terms of site enabling works, NSK Constructions Ltd provides a number of services, including site establishment site security, logistic solutions, investigations and surveys, remediation, archaeological and heritage attendance, utilities isolations and diversions and site clearance. These can be delivered as one-off provisions, or as part of an integrated service offering that provides clients with a confident and assured start to a project. Through using the latest machinery within the industry various enabling works we provide can also be incorporated with our demolition, groundworks and piling services to provide an integrated package solution; offering potential significant programme and cost benefits to a project. We have extensive experience in the preparation of construction-ready sites for major developments, even in the most challenging environments. More importantly, NSK Constructions Ltd executes every aspect of the work in the early stages of a development, giving maximum control over both cost and programme. This approach ensures certainty at the early stage of a project.

Our Enabling work services Include:

• Investigation and trial holes
• Removal of obstacles and hazardous waste
• Installation of haul roads
• Installation of temporary tarmac roads
• Obtaining relevant consents, Approvals and Permissions
• Site preparation
• Signage, Provision of hoardings and security fencing
• Preparation of pilling mat
• Security fencing
• Creation of access routes
• Disconnection of services
• Traffic management plan


We are an experienced groundwork company with many highly trained builders to ensure your foundations are safe and secure. Our ground workers are experienced in working with many types of foundations for commercial, Industrial and new builds.

• Strip foundation
• Pile caps
• Ground beams
• Raft Foundation
• Deep Foundation

Site Utility Services

NSK construction ltd specialize in Installation of water main, gas main, electric duct works, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, pumping station and other underground utilities. We understand the Importance of the job well done where infrastructure is concerned. The skilled professional at NSK Construction deliver the highest level of quality to each project.

Block & Beam

We Provide the traditional beam and block flooring system, involves laying precast and prestressed concrete beams across or between walls which are then infilled with concrete blocks.

Under Pinning

Commercial underpinning has one simple concept – to strengthen, lift, and support settling foundations. Here are several reasons why your structure may need underpinning. It is important to contact a professional at the first signs of foundation settlement. fully CSCS qualified to ensure that the work carried out is not only to the highest possible standard but is done in a safe and controlled environment. we will work in accordance to structural engineers requirements and reports. We will accurately undertake alterations in line with all reports and drawings by skilled operatives in a safe environment. We have undertaken structural alterations works on large projects for main contractors to small private dwellings. Our objective is to ensure we are fully aligned to your requirements at each stage of a project. We want you to have complete confidence that you are dealing with experts

External Works

Hard LandScaping

we are always available to visit your site or office to asses panned works and the engineer advice on the most efficient and economic method of achieve your aims, as the wrong choice can have a significant negative impact on your business,our specialist will take care of your project from start to finish and guarantee an optimal outcome. Our pavers can refurbish your surfaces and seal your driveways. We can also undertake fencing and hard landscaping work for residential and commercial customers. You can be assured that we use top quality tools and equipment for installation and refurbishment work. NSK Construction Ltd can work to your design requirements whether it's landscaping for hospitals, schools, universities, private land, shopping centres, hotels, road or new office developments. We can handle a range of complex projects and all our hard landscaping service includes.

• Driveway laying
• Concrete and drive sealing
• Slabbing
• Block paving
• Surfacing and resurfacing

Design for your patios and drive ways, we can help you choose from wide range of materials, designs and colour options for new surface. Moreover, If you have design in mind we can replicate for you.

Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping is the plants, trees, shrubs and flowers that go to make your garden the interesting place. We can design, develop, plant and maintain features Including paved and gravelled areas, hedges, shrub beds, herbaceous borders, trees and lawn. We only source quality products from reliable suppliers.

We avoid the use of reconstructed topsoil as this usually contains brick dust and other undesirable materials. If we supply and Install the plants and turf we will ensure watering is carried out until the project is completed. We will also guarantee the plants and trees for 12 month period subject to conditions.

Resin surface works

NSK Construction Ltd provides resin bound external surfaces, hardwearing textured surfaces, resistant to the weathering effects. The surface is fully water permeable and so compatible with sustainable urban drainage system. Our experienced team will undertake groundwork and civil engineering elements. As quality industrial building contractors we appreciate the production lead time constraints. An early involvement enables us to bring our experience to the table to ensure your project is completed effectively. Each client receives the same attentive service and tailored approach, with our experienced staff paying careful attention to your requirements or specification to finish the job.


Commercial Fencing and Gates

The main objective of fences is to provide security for your assets within the surrounded perimeter first step toward this professional garden fencing is knowing exactly what it is you want. Our garden fencing styles come with a range of different benefits to suit your needs. We only use the highest quality materials fences and gates.

we undertake any repair or replacement job, ensuring our valued customers have garden fencing that provides security and privacy We offer customised services and tailor our gates and fences to your specific needs. Our experts will assess the property and advise you on the best possible solution.

When installing, repairing or replacing a fence surrounding your commercial property, you should consider multiple factors such as security, access, usability, appeal, quality and the reliability of the installer. Our workmanship is also of the utmost quality, our quality of work paired with the quality materials we use allows us to create fences you can be proud to surround your commercial property with. Having a fence professionally erected offers property owners in the ultimate peace of mind. Whether it’s choosing the correct materials or ensuring that fence posts are laid at the required depth for the soil type.

Core drilling and concrete cutting

Drilling and concrete cutting

All of our Operatives are CSCS Certified and use the most up to date and reliable machinery. We can drill through all types of hard material including concrete, tarmac, block and brickwork etc. our teams utilise the very latest equipment in concrete drilling and sawing technology. We have been serving construction companies, demolition contractors, utility companies, civil engineers. Our Diamond Drilling service proves to be a quick set up that forms fast and accurate cutting. Furthermore, the process is relatively quiet, tidy and dust free and requires minimal remedial works. We have equipment available for electric, hydraulic and air diamond drilling. Because we drill with water cool down the diamond tips It allows no dust which creates a more safe environment work form.

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